What will winter 2021-2022 bring?

By Mike Ekberg, manager of water resources monitoring and analysis It’s the beginning of November and winter is right around the corner. What will winter 2021–2022 be like? Will the Miami Valley experience a mild winter or can we expect frigid temperatures and lots of snow? Here are some predictions based on MCD’s research and … Continue reading What will winter 2021-2022 bring?

Severe drought in the West — what about our region’s water levels?

According to the measurements taken by MCD over the last 35 years, the water supplies in the Great Miami River Watershed are in what’s called a “steady state.” That means the amount of water that flows into the watershed is roughly equal to the amount of water that flows out. In other words, the amount of water stored in the 4,000 square miles of land that drains into the Great Miami River is relatively constant over the last 35 years. Most of the water stored in the Great Miami River Watershed is in aquifers and lakes.

What’s ahead for our region’s weather?

By Mike Ekberg, Manager for Water Resources Monitoring and Analysis In my August 1, blogpost, “Climate Change: Is It Real?” we noted that our climate is always changing. Some people want to debate the cause, but that’s not nearly as important as planning for the changes that are expected. A warming trend will amplify the extremes … Continue reading What’s ahead for our region’s weather?