MCD has its eye on water

By Mike Ekberg, MCD manager for water resources monitoring and analysis Did you know MCD tracks precipitation, groundwater levels, and flow in rivers and streams? This information helps MCD and its partner agencies with flood forecasting, groundwater quantity monitoring, and understanding water movement into and out of the Great Miami River Watershed. Here’s what we … Continue reading MCD has its eye on water

Stream Gages: Commitment yields benefits

In our last blog post, “Gauging the Value of Gages,” we discussed the importance of stream gages to The Miami Conservancy District’s (MCD) flood protection activities. Now let’s talk about the importance of stream gage information on riverfront development, infrastructure projects, public safety, and water quality. Stream gage network benefits Stream gages provide reliable estimates … Continue reading Stream Gages: Commitment yields benefits

Good news/bad news: Water use declining in our region

By Mike Ekberg, Water Resources Manager Water use declined in the Great Miami River Watershed by 50 percent between 2005 and 2013, which mirrors a national trend.* With the dire predictions for water shortages in other parts of the world, this may seem like good news for our region, but there are consequences. The good news … Continue reading Good news/bad news: Water use declining in our region